Why We Need to Consider Credit Card Interest?

Credit cards will be a tool to monitor all spending money, because all transactions using credit cards must be recorded automatically. There are some transactions that do not need to use a credit card, because it will take a long time to settle the bill. When it takes a long time to pay off the bill, the customer must pay more interest.

Hospital Bill is Better Not Paid by Credit Card as Usually Nominal is Expensive

The hospitalization fee bill is definitely expensive, you should not use a credit card to pay it off, as it will only make the loan interest rate higher and increase the amount of the bill with great interest. Credit card interest rates range from 8% to 25%.

Sometimes credit cards are an easy solution when needing emergency funds, such as: Mom or children are hospitalized and have to be hospitalized. But paying a hospital bill using a credit card is not a wise move. Hospital bills must be very large, so it is feared will exceed the credit card limit and can make regular bills are usually paid by credit card to be delayed.

Unless it is true trapped and did not have time to seek loans from friends or relatives please use a credit card. After that directly calculate the total debt bill, then immediately looking for a friend or relative’s loan and pay off the bill. Better to have health insurance, with monthly payment through credit card.

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