Usage of Granny pods floor plans

Usage of Granny pods floor plans
Usage of Granny pods floor plans

In today’s minimalist home design becomes a residential concept that is idolized in the property business. This minimalist home trend has a lot of variety ranging from small, medium and large there is also a single floor, two or even more. For this time I will share some examples of a minimalist house plan that has 3 pieces of bedroom.

Although using the word “minimalist”, does not make the dwelling into something underestimated. Because the application of the concept of minimalism requires the accuracy of ideas, maximum land use and sometimes require a budget that is not minimal. Utilization of land to maximize the space associated with how to choose a minimalist home concept.

Granny pods floor plans are one component that should not be forgotten in building a house, renovate or improve. House plans need to be understood in order for development work or renovation to work efficiently. With so the cost or cost we spend can be minimized.

If you are going to build a minimalist house that has 3 bedrooms then we must create a floor plan for a minimalist 3 bedroom house. In making this floor plan has various goals both in the activities of planning, development and maintenance of the house. Here is a floor plan that we can describe:

  1. Floor plans as a guide in calculating the estimated cost of building budget plan.
  2. Floor plans become the guidance of the implementation of development to fit the expectations in the planning.
  3. Floor plans as guide in building management such as determining evacuation path when disaster occurs, explanation of standing location and maintenance.

Minimalist house that has 3 rooms is a model that is widely applied by many people. This is because the standard in a family who dating enough to build 3 pieces of bedroom. The floor plan is included with the size so that you can use it as a reference in the size of the house that you will build.