How to treat asthma relapse?

Have you ever heard of asthma? Asthma is a disease that attacks the respiratory organs. The onset of asthma disorders has not been known until now and various health experts continue to conduct research. But asthma can occur when there is inflammation that attacks the respiratory tract and increases the production of mucus that is on the channel. If this happens, the respiratory tract will narrow and make it difficult for the sufferer to breathe.

The most common disorder that occurs in asthma is usually characterized by breath that sounds, shortness of breath, pain in the chest, and a small cough to severe coughing. But basically asthma sufferers can have different symptoms depending on the cause and stage of asthma. Usually the patient will experience mild disorders then become more severe if not treated.

Early symptoms of asthma

Asthma is usually indicated by a variety of different initial symptoms. All sufferers can experience symptoms simultaneously or when they are suffering from other diseases. The following are various kinds of asthma symptoms that can be done for early detection. If all the symptoms get heavier, you should consult with a medical expert.

  • Sleep disturbances that continue to occur and will feel restless
  • Breath becomes less comfortable especially because of shortness of breath or heavy breathing
  • Accompanied by a small cough that always happens every night for several days
  • The body feels more tired and easily tired
  • The body is easily tired when after doing various activities during the day
  • Depression, sadness, and irritability
  • Sore throat, runny nose, stuffy nose and all symptoms such as influenza attacks

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