Tips to Traveling with Baby

If you plan to go home or travel with a baby, consider some tips to make your trip and your child safe and comfortable …

A newborn baby is in need of constant attention from you, so it is not advisable to take him on a long journey.

However, if your baby is older than 3 months, you can calmly take him on a long journey. In addition to the physical condition that has been more stable, at this age your baby will not feel disturbed by various travel conditions.

Tips In Vehicles

If you use an airplane, you should breastfeed your baby at the time of take-off or landing. If he is asleep at the second time, just stick his mouth to your breasts.

If you are traveling by car, always put your baby in a baby car seat placed behind the driver’s seat facing backwards.

In the car, do not put the baby car seat in the front seat, although the car is equipped with an air bag. Make sure also that the baby car seat is installed perfectly and correctly.

What Should You Bring?

Here are some feedback on what equipment you should take with you. Partly is a must and partly depends on the type and distance of your trip …

  • Cream for diaper rash.
  • Bag or plastic bag for dirty diapers.
  • Clean enough diapers.
  • Paracetamol for infants.
  • Sun protection cap.
  • Sun protection cream for baby.
  • Window protector window.
  • Milk formula (if you are not a breastfeeding mother).
  • Bottle filled with boiled water.
  • Baby food.
  • Apron eating plastic for babies.
  • Baby blanket.
  • Crib.
  • Must carry and large perlak.
  • Baby clothes are easy to absorb sweat.
  • Oil telon.
  • Wet wipes.
  • Soap, shampoo and baby powder.
  • Baby jacket.
  • Bags of vomit.
  • Anti-mosquito lotion for babies.
  • Bag toys.
  • Collection of baby toys.
  • Backpack of baby carrier for those who have not been able to sit.
  • Buggy stroller for the already seated.
  • Consider also bringing colic drips, nasal drops and teething gels if your baby is in teething.