Tips before Cutting Short Hairstyle for Women

Tips before Cutting Short Hairstyle for Women
Tips before Cutting Short Hairstyle for Women

Short hairstyles for women is currently become the trend with many kind of cut and style. There are many benefit of having short hair. Not only suitable for those who loved boyish style, but this haircut can is simple to tidy up and comb. Some women choose this haircut since it can give fresh feeling, especially for those who had thick hair. Those who thought that long haircut is bothersome prefer to choose this short haircut. However, sometimes short haircut is not suitable and applicable for certain women.

Adjust the short haircut to the shape of face

In fact, not all face shape is suitable with short haircuts, but hairstyle for women like bob will look flattery for most of face shape. However, faces that have elongated shapes like ovals, diamonds, or triangles should avoid chunks parallel to the chin as it will make the face look longer. Then for you who have faces tend to be round, you should avoid bob haircut too short as above the ears yes because it will make a wide effect on your face.

Know the type of your hair

In the moment you want to try cutting you hair short, always keep in mind if your hair will be more volume and fluffy. So if you do have thick hair, you have to get ready to have hair that is fluffier again. Then for you the owner of curly hair, you should also know that your hair will be more shrinking.

Hard to Find the Best Headband

Most of problem faced with short hair style for women is that the hair owner are difficult to find the best headband as the fashion for their hair. It is because some of the headband won’t be suitable with very short haircut. Even so, choosing the simple and mini headband can be suitable for any type of short haircut. There are still a problem which is often faced by those who had short hair. It is the hair which is hard to tidy up or often called as bad hair day. There are many thing to considerate before having short haircut. In addition, mind that short hair needs long time to grow.