Medicines for sinus infection treatment

In children, sinusitis is caused by allergies, contracting diseases from other children around them, the habit of using a pacifier or drinking from a bottle lying down, and living in a smoke-filled environment.

Steps to Diagnose Sinusitis

Diagnosis of sinusitis can be done by the doctor by looking at symptoms that occur, such as nasal congestion or runny with pain in the face. The doctor will also perform a physical examination on the patient’s nose. If the sinusitis is severe or reappear, you are advised to see an ENT specialist (ear, nose, and throat). This specialist doctor will try to find the main cause of sinusitis that occurred. CT scans can also be used to find out the cause of sinusitis.

Medicines for sinus infection treatment

Most people with sinusitis do not need to see a doctor, because cases caused by the virus will disappear by itself. Sinusitis takes about two to three weeks to heal completely. This condition is longer than cold. If you have mild sinusitis, painkillers and decongestants will help reduce the symptoms.

Check with your doctor if symptoms do not improve after a week of starting treatment, the condition worsening or constantly returning. In such cases, antibiotics and spray steroids or drops may be prescribed by a doctor.

For severe cases of sinusitis, there may be a need for surgery to improve the sinus function and also its drainage function. Surgery is recommended only if other sinusitis treatment fails to deliver results.