Management Reputation and Share Ownership Composition

Management Reputation and Share Ownership Composition
Management Reputation and Share Ownership Composition

The thing to note is whether the company you seek is still run by its founders or the company’s management has driven new people. Pay attention to reputation and find information related to the bios of key corporate figures to see how extensive their experience is pay close attention to the Financial Statement. Looking at the financial statements is not necessary until the details that can make us so dizzy. Just note the following important things:

  • Consolidated Financial Statements to view overall assets and liabilities
  • Checks the ability of a company to pay its short-term obligations and the amount of long-term debt borne by the company.
  • Check the debt-to-equity ratio to see how much positive equity the company has and compare it with competitor data to get a better perspective.

It is also worth noting each footnote that accompanies the financial statements and annual / quarterly reports for Fidelity netbenefits. Financial statements can be obtained easily on the dashboard of the capital market.

Stock Price History At least in the Last 2 Years. See the stock price history is important to do so you can get a reasonable price when buying the stock. In addition, the stock price history can also give you clues about how projected profit can be gained in the future.

Find Out the Possibility of Options and Dilution. Corporate actions such as issuing options, dilution, or other actions are important to know because they can change the composition of share ownership in the company. Keep in mind that issuance of options or dilution can have a major impact on stock prices if you have already had them. Therefore, it should be well anticipated.