List of films with unusual storylines

Like fiction, movies are usually entertaining. Audience can be made sad, laugh, or scared. However, there is something different about these films.

These films have dark scenes and many soundless scenes. The impact will be able to bring a sense of depression and confusion to the audience. Following these are the reviews:

-Dancer In The Dark

Dancer In The Dark tells the story of a young single parent named Selma. He suffered from a disease that made him blind slowly. For the sake of making her son happy, Selma was willing to work hard in a steel factory. But fate turned out to betray his hopes. A slow storyline makes the audience unable to guess the end of the film’s story. Who would have thought that a story that began with a dance could end very tragically.

-The Mist

A village on the outskirts of the United States was attacked by creatures from another dimension. In the midst of the chaos, a group of people are trapped in a supermarket. They must work together to survive. But differences in nature and ideology make them divided. This film illustrates the horror of terror that ultimately, humans are more terrible than monsters.


The film tells the story of a woman who became a fugitive mafia who managed to escape and arrived in a settlement. Everyone seemed friendly to him, but slowly their hospitality turned into evil intentions. Only the big secret held can save him from the situation. If you decide to watch one of the films on this list, don’t forget to prepare yourself mentally before. This film is not made to entertain, but you will get a lot of lessons in it

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