Interest charged to the Citi card user

Interest charged to the Citi card user
Interest charged to the Citi card user

If you often hang out with friends, try starting from now use your credit card to pay all bills of friends with the intention of bailing their payments. For example, when eating with friends at a restaurant, then ask friends to pay cash to you, then use a credit card to pay their bills. That way reward points will be increasingly collected. Moreover there are credit cards that offer additional reward points for payments in the category of dining

Of all the things that have been done to collect reward points, you should avoid delinquent installment payments. This is done so as not to accumulate interest on the bill. Because, it is useless if reward points accumulated a lot but also interest, meaning you lose money.

How to collect reward points fairly easy, you just need to make transactions using credit cards and points were increased. Be wise when transacting with a credit card, of course with use within reasonable limits. Enjoy the variety of facilities on offer and any reward point benefits

Nowadays credit cards are not just a means of payment, but also can be said as a lifestyle. In addition to the many advantages of promotions, credit cards also offer ease of payment. Not a few of us also ignore the effects of credit cards when used improperly.

The most important thing in using a credit card is the intelligence and maturity in utilizing it. Using a credit card needs intelligence and emotional maturity.

The credit card is essentially a card that allows you to make transactions. With a credit card, users will get instant access to be provided funds by the bank. However, there is a requirement, which is a considerable interest charged to the Citi card user.

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