The Important Points About Best Espresso Machine

Product specifications determine the taste of coffee produced and its uses. When you choose the espresso machine you want to buy, there are several important points that must be considered from the product specifications. Let’s discuss best espresso machine points.

For best results, use an espresso machine with 9 bar extraction pressure. An espresso machine that has 9 bar extraction pressure will produce a delicious coffee flavor and a crema look like in a cafe.

Crema is a brownish-yellow liquid in the top layer of coffee. The taste and aroma of the coffee you make is strongly influenced by the crema. If you use an espresso machine with 3 bar or 6 bar extraction pressure, the quality of the crema produced is usually not good. Therefore, if you want the quality of coffee like in a cafe, remember to check the extraction pressure on the machine.

In general, the process of extracting coffee takes about 2 minutes. After that, proceed with the process of separating coffee pulp by using French press which takes more than 4 minutes. The good news is, if you extract coffee with a pressure of 9 bars, you will get a stronger coffee flavor in less than 30 seconds.

Adjust tank capacity with the number of people using it and the frequency of use. Pay attention to the maximum capacity of the espresso machine you choose, then compare it to the amount of espresso you want to produce in one manufacturing process. One cup of espresso usually measures around 30 cc. That is, if your espresso machine has a 1 liter tank capacity, you can produce 30 cups of espresso in one process. You can use the guide to calculate the amount of engine capacity needed.

Also pay attention to the ease of cleaning the espresso machine. An espresso machine is not an object that has a cheap price. Therefore, for long-term protection, you should choose a machine that can be removed easily. So, you are not too bothered in caring for the engine.

If you choose an automatic type machine, choose a product that has an auto cleaning function or a product that can press coffee pulp until it becomes solid. Thus, the coffee grounds will be easier to clean.

However, it should be noted that negligence in cleaning the espresso machine can leave the remnants of oil from coffee. The remnants of the oil can damage the blade part of the machine, which can have an impact on engine damage or inhibit the aroma of coffee during the extraction process. Because it must be cleaned every day, you should choose a product that is easy to clean.

For best results, you should not clean the espresso machine using detergent. Although there are remnants of oil, the machine is not too dirty. You can clean it using hot water. Using detergent can leave a smell on the engine and affect the quality of the coffee produced. If you still want to use a detergent, make sure to rinse the machine very clean.