The Importance of Facilities Provided by Credit Card

If you want to apply for credit cards do not forget to see what facilities are offered by credit card, so it can be used as much as possible. Here are some examples of credit card facilities that must be considered before applying for a credit card:

  1. Discounts

Make sure your publisher credit card offers many discounts. Discount is the most widely offered by credit card, for women this discount facility can be to buy clothes, cosmetics, and jewelry and household necessities.

  1. Cashback

Similar to a discount, when a discount is valid from the beginning of the payment, the cashback is applied when the original payment has been made and then the funds are returned in accordance with the specified amount.

  1. Point Reward

If you hobby shopping especially shop online. Using a credit card as a means of payment can provide more benefits, for every transaction made, you will get reward points that can be collected, and the next can be used as an additional discount when shopping.

  1. Zero Percent Installment

When going to shop for an item by credit (installment), the profit that can be obtained when using a credit card is 0% aka payment without interest if the product you want to do cooperation with credit card products used.

  1. Airport Lounge

This facility can be used as well as collecting a reward point, not many are too familiar with this facility, but by utilizing this facility, although boarding an economy class, you can still wait for the plane in the executive lounge.

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