Distance Learning Education for Working Professionals and Stay At Home Moms

Working professionals, stay at home moms, and other people who cannot attend college on campus use distance learning programs to get more education or job training.

Distance learning education is one of the most popular ways to complete college, with registration increasing rapidly every year. This is partly because more working professionals and non-traditional students with a lot of family responsibilities go back to school.

Because more students enroll in distance learning programs, those who consider enrolling in one must be careful when choosing a program. Not all programs offer high-quality education. Many institutions cash in on the demand for distance learning by offering sub-par programs or not being accredited. Therefore, those who are looking for a distance learning program must do thorough research before choosing one. When choosing a program, consider the following factors:

Accreditation. Accredited schools follow higher education standards. Accreditation is managed by an institution responsible for reviewing and determining whether the school meets the required standards. The Distance Education and Training Board (DETC) is one of the accreditation institutions responsible for reviewing distance learning programs.