Which Credit Card is Suitable for you?

When we talk about credit card, there are many things that we need to know which is right of credit cardholder and the credit cardholder responsibility. Below are some brief explanations that might be useful. People also search for credit card generator which can be used for a free game trial.

Right of Credit Cardholder

  • Facilities to increase or lower the credit limit provided by the bank, where this can be done in accordance with the needs of the customer itself and the agreement between both parties.
  • Protection facilities (insurance) against certain items purchased using credit cards, this usually applies to types of goods that have a high price (expensive).
  • Emergency facilities (sudden increase limit), this is usually done by customers who are or will travel abroad.
  • Insurance facilities when traveling, this is included in additional features which of course are charged a certain amount of fees on a regular basis.
  • Receive billing statement every month.

Credit Cardholder Responsibility

  • Responsibility for credit card misuse, this can happen due to theft and other actions.
  • Paying the various fees charged by the bank as a consequence of the credit card usage, such as late payment fees, cash withdrawal fees, over limit fees, annual fee fees, and various other expenses.
  • Pay interest fees, in the case of non-payment arrears or non-payment of invoices or expenditures incurred within a certain period of time.
  • Report immediately to the credit card issuing bank, if at any time experiencing theft or loss of credit card owned.
  • Comply with all rules and policies applied by credit card issuing banks.