How to care for canvas bag for more durable usage

The use of canvas bags is now increasingly in demand because of its varied design and its various shapes.

If you are one of the canvas bag lovers, then you also must be careful when taking care of it.

  • Apparently canvas bags should not be washed directly with water.
  • You should use a cloth that has been soaked with a little water and given a baby shampoo.
  • Wipe the wet cloth gently on the surface of the stained canvas bag.
  • Rub gently until the stain disappears.
  • Next, rinse the cloth thoroughly and then flush again on the surface of the bag to remove the remaining foam.
  • Finally, dry up a clean canvas bag in the shade until it is completely dry.

Canvas bags should be kept in a dry cabinet and sprinkled with camphor. To maintain the shape of the bag, you can fill the inside with plastic or newspaper before the bag is stored

How to care for a denim jeans bag

Jeans material is not only used for clothing only. Now a lot of stylish jeans bag products nowadays. The combination of jeans with batik or other materials is to produce a variety of special bags. Jeans handbags are easy to treat just like a skirt or a jeans jacket.

You do not need to use detergent to wash your dirty jeans bag. Simply use cold water and a soft textured brush so that the inherent stains can quickly disappear. Once clean, dry your jeans bag in the shade that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

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