Benefits of Apples for Body Health which is Preventing stroke

Who doesn’t know apples? This very familiar fruit can be found wherever you are, both in traditional markets, supermarkets and even supermarkets. Who would have thought, behind the taste that is delicious and fresh, there are many benefits of apples for health that can be obtained by your body. How many calories in an apple?One apple contains less than 100 calories.

Besides being popular, it turns out there are indeed many benefits of apples for health. The benefits of apples for health that can be obtained by the body include treating various diseases and replacing damaged body tissue cells. Is that all the benefits of apples for health? Apparently not.

This is the benefit of apples for health first. Many do not know that the benefits of apples for health is one of them to prevent stroke.

According to the results of a study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, found interesting facts that fruit with white meat such as apples can reduce the risk of stroke.

Fruit with white meat reflects the presence of phytochemical compounds that have benefits such as carotenoids (red, yellow & orange in fruits and vegetables) and flavonoids where both function as antioxidants. By consuming at least 1 apple every day, it will prevent you from having a stroke.